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    I recently completed my first ever web design job. I got the job almost by accident, because the webmaster wanted help with some graphics.

    I ended up charging only a small amount, as it was my first job and it was only a navigation bar with a redesigned logo and some textures.

    I am wondering, how would someone in my position go about getting more work of this kind? I know about networking and asking around, and I know that most jobs I get will be "by accident". I don't even have a website!

    Is it possible to work for a small design company just to help out, or what? I'm not sure.

    Any tips on finding more work, or what I should do next?

    Background: This is currently only a hobby - I am a university student.
    I have also done a couple of jobs designing a database for a local education centre, which earned me about AU$600 combined (about $US350 ?).
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