Just to announce, that soon, i am releasing seom engines that i have made. There are about 20 in total, but the major developments are ::

:: MySql Engine
-- As the title,
:: Template Engine
-- As the title,

:: Error Reporting Engine
-- As the title, but very clever

:: User Engine
-- As the title, only requires 2 lines of code to secure pages to MEMBERS ONLY

:: Calander Engine
-- Very clever engine that allows very easy use of calander stuff I have also made an integration script that allows for integration with the calander script posted here, but better (Sorry guys)

The main aim of these scripts are to provide power with ease of use, Most of the require one include and a start line to run, and some like the template engine are VERY VERY easy to use, Really.
My current project is some shopping cart stuff, thats well on its way, and is totally template driven (using my own engines of course).

If anyone would like to test run on their site beta copies of these, then PLEASE email me ->>robguard_teamxcr@hotmail.com<-- To find out more (sites not done yet, is being made as i type, litterally ) http://www.4students.biz/x/