I would like to be able to sell some advertizing space on my site www.bigbeautifulbackgrounds.com ;
My idea is something like a short text ad that can be sold for between $0,1 CPM to $1 CPM.
The problem is I don't own the server where my site is located, and don't know how I could do this...
Is there a company out there that would do this for me, and simply take a small percentage of the profits generated?
All I want to do (or almost!) is tell people "Put your site here for only $0,1 CPM!" or something and it will be automatically generated.
This could be good for small to medium sites that want to advertize on a site that receives around 1000 visits a day, and the CPM rate would be depending on where I put their ad.
I would place a table at the bottom of each page of my site (or on the side of the page) with let's say 5 paying links of $0,1 CPM, which overall would give $0,5 CPM per page, plus ads in the middle of the page (right under my backgrounds) for $1 CPM...

A question though: do you think $0,1 is still too much asking?
ANY help on this will be VERY appreciated!
I think my idea is worth a look at, and if there are already ad agencies doing this please tell me, and I don't mean those "pay-per-search" agencies like 7search or something...
They don't really work for me.
I really would like to do something like I just told in this message.

Hope someone can help me on this.