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    Cool Advice Request: Reliable PPC script with good features

    Question from a "newbie" here:

    We're looking for a good quality, reliable and robust PPC script. The project we have in mind is focused on a specific market niche but in order to succeed our PPC site will need some features I simply cant find in the PPC scripts reviewe so far. For instance, we need:

    1 - The ability for paid advertisers to upload or reference a thumbnail sized image for their business/listing

    2- The ability for users to select a geo-target when they run their searches - eg. US, UK, etc ... preferably right down to state level if need be. (They would select their preferred geo-target from the Home Page)

    The scripts we have looked at so far are:

    BidSearch - from
    JomoPPC - from
    ExtremeCorporate - from
    SmartPPC - from

    .. and perhaps a few others.

    We've also looked at JackHammer/HyperSeek - but that is way outside our budget at the moment. I guess we're prepared to pay around $500 or so.

    So - my questions are:

    1 - Any real experience out there regards the above?
    2 - Any other products/scripts we should be looking at?
    3 - If I cant get the features I want, which PPC is best for customisation?

    Any thoughts/experience/feedback on this would be very much appreciated.

    Many thanks in advance.
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