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    Unhappy Fireworks Pop Menu

    Designed Navagation bar in Fireworks with pop up menu, inserted into Dreamwear. It looks nice and works great until I add text in the body. The text goes over the pop up menu which looks bad and cause the pop up menu not to work correctly. Because the body text goes over the pop menu (the body text that is covering the nav. pop buttons) don't work and the pop menu closes.

    The big thing is the body text need to go behind the pop menu.

    Any answers on how to fix, I am not using CSS because I have not learned yet. Would using CSS make it work??

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    Any answers on how to fix,
    Yes don't use any code that you don't understand and then you will be able to fix it (only joking)

    I know that's a bit simplistic but it will be almost impossible to give you advice on this as you are obviously totally reliant on DW and fireworks.

    It sounds as though your pop up menu is absolutely positioned and being overwritten by static content.

    If you can post a link to the page then someone here will take a look but I imagine its going to be tons of javascript and heavily nested tables that will frighten most of us away lol.

    Are you sure you need a pop up menu as they are not very accessible and a simpler menu system may be easier for you to manage?



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