Hi there guys.

Please will someone help - im so stuck and ive spent the last week trying to figure this out.

Right, someone comes to my create_account.php page. User fills in the information and clicks "submit" - the info is verified, and added to the database and the user is directed to the create_success.php page.

Right, that works 100%. The problem now is : the information that the user filled in also needs to be sent to my payment gateway for them to add to their database. Thing is I dont want my users to be directed there. The information must just be sent without the user knowing??!?

This is what I need to send :


When the user have previously registered on the merchant’s website the registration information can be passed to Setcom using the additional fields outlined below. These fields need to be used in addition to the Credit Card Form implementation.

Registration Variables

Field Name Required (Y/N) Description
Username Yes This is the email address of the new buyer. This must be unique.
Password Yes This is the buyer’s password.
ConfirmPassword Yes This field is present at a new user registration. This must match the Password field exactly to be processed further.

Profile Variables

Field Name Required (Y/N) Description
Name Yes The name and surname of the buyer.
Address1 Yes Address line one of the buyer.
Address2 Yes Address line 2 of the buyer.
City Yes City / major centre of the buyer.
State Yes State / province of the buyer.
Zip Yes Zip / postal code of the buyer.
Country Yes 2-digit country code of the buyer as used by Setcom. See country code list.
Tel Yes Telephone number of the buyer.
Addonfields Yes Additional information is passed through in this field. Two Additional fields of information is required:
1. Identity number
2. Additional contact telephone

These fields must be passed through as values to the form and separated using semi-colons (. Example:

Identity:5001011234567;Telephone Number 2:+27-11-555-5555

See sample HTML Code (Attached)
Description Yes This field must contain information of the products or services ordered. It should contain the product description, quantity, and item total for all items. Shipping and the grand total for the order should also be included.

This information is used to resolve disputes.
Please guys some help out really be appreciated.

Thanks again - if you need the information in the create_account.php page please let me know and i'll post it...