i'm hoping someone can point me in the direction of a script that will create kind of a slide show effect. basically, i have a bunch of images. i'd like for a script to be able to go through and display the images. i.e. you come to the page, the first image is shown. you click on a link, or even the image itself, and the next image is shown.

im guessing something like this will work if i have all of my images in a directory and they're named incrementally, such as image1.jpg, image2.jpg, so that the script can then go through and increment the right number in between image and .jpg.

i know i've seen something like this before, though i'm not sure it was done in javascript or not. and my skills aren't quite up to snuff to be able to write it out myself.

i could make something like this using asp or php, but i think the best solution here would be clientside. perhaps i'm wrong.

any help or resources you can point me to would be appreciated.