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    I just got a bid from eBay and then trying to sign up PayPal to pay for that. When I was up to the last point to add a credit card, it told me there's something wrong so they can't accept MasterCard for now!! This is holy.....!!

    I emailed them and hope that they can get it back to work within few days or I can't pay for the item!!

    Anyone know what's going on with them? I never used PayPal before but this is surely not a good 1st-time experience.

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    here ya go

    Dear PayPal Member,

    When PayPal expanded its service to non-US residents in
    November, we broke new ground by allowing our members to
    withdraw funds from their PayPal account and deposit them
    to their VISA card. The process of depositing funds to a
    credit card was a new one and something that the credit
    card associations are just now beginning to explore.
    VISA and MasterCard are currently developing programs to
    permit fund transfers to their cards, and PayPal is
    discussing with them ways to participate so that our
    members can transfer funds to their cards in a manner
    approved by both associations. However, until such a
    program is operational we will be suspending the practice
    of withdrawing funds to VISA cards starting March 2001.

    We are pleased to inform you, however, that after this
    policy becomes effective, we will also be introducing the
    ability for members from Australia to register a
    local bank account in order to withdraw funds. We will
    send you additional information about withdrawing money
    from your PayPal account into your bank account as soon
    as this functionality becomes available. As always, you
    will still be able to register a US bank account with
    your PayPal account, as well.

    We apologize for the inconvenience this change in our
    VISA withdrawal policy may cause. Due to this
    inconvenience, effective today PayPal will **NO LONGER
    CHARGE FEES** on withdrawals to international VISA cards.
    We recommend that you login to PayPal at your earliest
    convenience and review your account status; if you have
    a balance, please withdraw it to your VISA card.

    As we have previously corresponded, if you have
    registered a VISA card with PayPal and have not withdrawn
    your entire PayPal account balance by early March 2001,
    PayPal will automatically withdraw the entire amount
    to your VISA card. No withdrawal fees will be charged.

    Please note that this new VISA withdrawal policy will
    not affect your ability to use your VISA card to pay for
    PayPal payments when you send money or shop at the 3
    million eBay (tm) auctions that accept PayPal.

    Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this change
    might cause you. Thank you for helping to make PayPal
    the world's #1 online payment service


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