I am pitching for a job publishing journals in Africa. A big selling point which i want to offer is the ability for people to download a client program (written in either Java or even a Flash application), then do inputting locally (internet is very slow in Africa!).

The way i am thinking of doing it is to provide them with the inputting interface similar to what would be on the web, which will create SQL batch files which they would then upload to the web, syncronizing their local work with the live version on the web.

There are obviosly a number of complications. the 1st and most important would be security. obviously one would have to be very careful letting people run batch scripts. so i was thinking of letting them email it to me/the web administrator and then i would do the actual merging, but this might become a bit labour intensive! i suppose i could automate it on my side...

The above issue is my primary concern. does anyone have any good ideas about how one could deal with this? or any other things i should think about before trying to implement this system?