I have a site that is heavily smothered in PHP includes, mostly because I need loads of things to appear in more than one place and I don't want to have to edit every single page when I change something. Also, my site has several versions for different browsers.

Most of my pages initially consist of three PHP includes, one for the top, one for content, and one for the bottom. But inside the top and content, most especially the content, it is RIFE with PHP includes. There are sometimes as many as twenty or more in the content PHP's.

However, right now, in Mozilla (the browser I am currently tweaking the site for), the pages take forever to load and sometimes come up blank or with the includes replaced by error messages.

Are too many PHP includes a bad thing? Do they clog up the site and make it unusable?

If so, is there any solution or other coding I could use so I don't have to update every single page when I change something?

The site: http://www.the-vent.equiangular.net
Mozilla index: http://www.the-vent.equiangular.net/...a/mozindex.php
Sample page: http://www.the-vent.equiangular.net/...es/kracken.php

Someone please help soon and thanks,


PS, I can post my initial files with the includes in them (actual include coding doesn't show up when you just view the source) if anyone wants to take a look.