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    how can i verify my email?

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    iresh gellada
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    i cant grabbed photos, send messages to others

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    cristine aguillon
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    how can i verify my email addres

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    jm garcia
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    how can i verify my email addres

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    you are good

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    I'm trying to make a webpage/batch file similar to some other sites I've found, except possibly with multi-line input and no limit to the number of times I can check email addresses.

    I know this is going to come in very handy.

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    Nice, but flawed.
    A domain is not _required_ to have a MX record. If no MX-record is found, mailservers try to deliver to the A-record. MX records are just a handy way to split smtp and other traffic.

    You should make it:
    if (checkdnsrr($mailDomain, "MX")||checkdnsrr($mailDomain, "A"))

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    vmnRve <a href="">ihpbiqlctbtw</a>, dazpjjppokkj, [link=]aotfirmhprfq[/link],

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    I have a problem with sending email.I did this for my site.But it can send th verification mail to only to my site which are existing on the same server.

    For example i have two sites,
    It is able to send a verification mail to addresses like this,
    .. but not able to send to any other mail ids.. like,

    Is it a script problem or the server problem?


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