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    (xsl,xml,css =>xhtml) Check Links Software?

    Is there software out there that will be able to check for dead links in an XML site? I would like to know what would be the best software for working with XML driven sites. I tried getting dreamweaver to try and verify the links but it only recognizes the files as XML and not XHTML.

    BTW: is there any specific software out there useful for creating XML sites?
    I'm not familiar with any software really and i would like to get some opinions

    background info::
    The site contains perhaps 90k files and perhaps 15k pages. Right now the site incorporates ColdFusion & MS Access to build HTML pages. I built a prototype that will still use MS Access and ColdFusion to create XHTML pages from XML,XSL,CSS. The only problem is that they currently use FrontPage to verify links. I want to pull them away from HTML since its not convenient for this type of site. But if I can't find something to check dead links then they most likely will not change.

    these two files are a good example of the link i want to be checked
    along with my style sheet

    i tried it at the W3C link checker
    W3C Link Checker?
    and got this

    Can't check links: Content-Type for '' is 'text/plain'.

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