Hi everyone,

I am planning to publish the MS Access 2003 database on the webserver using ASP. My database (if you are really can call it) it has about 60 tables in it (no relationships). All I wanted is to be able for people to see different section to the info...
on the w w w....I did it using the Visual InterDev (SP5) + ODBC + IIS 5.1

I mean it's like this:

List of links to the asp files on the html document:



* If the number of the users is from 10 to 30, will I have the performance issues?

*Is the Ms Access 2003 fast enough?

* Is it realiable?

* What suggestions on publishing it (security+functionality)?

I dont know much...just got my hand on this 2 tools - ASP and Access, I mean any help will be apreciated. And any comments and suggestions too.I am slolwly trying to get into Web dev and web prog.