While working on a new database for one of my websites, I discovered that as soon as I injected any records into the database, my connection was becoming saturated. Normally this would come as no shock, considering I have three slave servers and have to propegate a lot of data, but I have configured mysql to limit propegation to only two databases, not including this new one.

When I realized that mysql was still attempting to propegate, I discovered that it was still binlogging the database that was not being replicated. My binlog files on my slaves are absolutely huge. So I added a replicate-ignore-db statement for the new database to attempt to eliminate my problem. It didn't work.

I've also added a binlog-ignore-db for that database, and it is still binlogging any changes made to it on the slaves. Is this order-sensitive?

I can't find anything saying that it is...The replicate-ignore-db and binlog-ignore-db are both AFTER a replicate-do-db for my two other dbs I do want to replicate, in the my.cnf file in my mysql libs directory on my slaves.

I've only been working on master-slave replication for a short while, and I would appreciate any input you may have.

Thank You