well, to all who have helped me, I have completed my first true "program". Not just a content management system, but an user interactive system.... thanx to all! if anyone cares to take a look.... http://www.loadswap.com

now, it's in the process of beta testing by several shooters... and I have run into only one problem I can't fix.... it's cookies... from my developing machine (win98, IE5, NS4.7 Medium Security) my script sets, deletes cookies just dandy.... but on the office machine (win98, IE5) it does nothing.... doesn't even seem to attempt to set a cookie. I played with the security settings, letting them go to LOW... then custom, allow everything... still no go... then I set it to prompt... nothing...

If you would care to see if it works for you please do... I'm hoping this old machine just has a few problems.... the URL that sets the cookies.... just hit the agree button... it *should* set a cookie for you to surf as a guest.


deletes cookies:

If you would like my code for setting...

PHP Code:
if($agree != ""){

$agree_hidden == "guest"){

// Test Set cookie
setcookie ("agree"yestime()+(3600*3), "/"".loadswap.com"0);

$agree_type "guest";

$agree_hidden == "user"){

$sql "SELECT * FROM user WHERE username = '$username' and password = '$password'";
$result mysql_query($sql);

mysql_num_rows($result) == "1"){

setcookie ("agree"yestime()+(3600*3), "/"".loadswap.com"0);
setcookie ("my_username"$usernametime()+(3600*3), "/"".loadswap.com"0);
setcookie ("my_password"$passwordtime()+(3600*3), "/"".loadswap.com"0);

$agree_type "login";

else {
$wrong "user";    



the variable $agree_hidden is passed along depending on which form you use... then each if/else statement sets a variable... which is then looked for later on in my script to print certain data back to the browser.

Thankx to all for your help.. hoping this cookie problem is just a flaw on the machine!

God Bless