Ok, I know some of you people are really busy but I need some help.

I have of late been developing a project that will be know as Teens Succeed, here is a description: an internet site in the form of a community/portal called "Teens Succeed" this site upon completion will be dedicated to, "Helping teens realize and utilize their full potential." The goal of this site will be to provide training, networking, and support in the forms of monthly articles, community features like forums & chat, online training, and more. We hope to through these features help teens develop skills like finances, communication, entrepreneurial principles, etc.

For the various 'community' features I will be using vBulletin to power them. When I first begin the project I thought it would be possible to use a freeware article system to power the article system...I have since learned better there does not seem to be a system that will do what I need. So if you have any time at all and would be willing to invest it in something like this please contact me at jamesdasher@dashermarketing.com. I would really appreciate your help. I cannot offer anything back at this time except recognition, etc. (including a banner ad on the site) I can possibly offer some sort of gift certificate as well if necessary.

Thank You for your help!