I've just learnt a bit about .htaccess files and got most things like redirecting to a custom error page etc working, however I am having a problem with the password part of it.

I have the .htaccess and the .htpasswd files in a folder called phplib, which has all my admin pages in, the problem is that I am not sure what is meant by full home path.

I have just got an apache server set up on my pc for testing and the url to get to the .htpasswd file is:


is this not the full path, because it does not seem to work,
anyway this is the path the tutorial uses (below) should I have a users file?

AuthUserFile /users/boris11/public_html/other/.htpasswd

Sorry this is such a dumb question but I am a bit new to programming, thanks for any help.


ps - thanks to everyone that answered my question about security it was most useful.