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    Unhappy man... headache.

    i have trouble understanding access 2002 as i am very newbie. of cos . :P
    basically, i am excels user and wish to turn to access for purpose of data entry, faster input and fast completion. unforuntately it is quite difficult understanding the access, so need a book to read.

    so meanwhile, need a few questions to ask although i am newbie.
    I have noticed the things found in access function, form, table, report.
    so far i know as i experiment just now.

    Table is for information or data input as well as storing data.
    Form is idenified as data entry, i know alittle.
    Report is for purpose of design the format that u want it to come out like this. right?
    these all for creating data entry and print them out , faster and smooth. or is there anything a must for it.

    the pressuring task is that i am facing right now, i need to do in order
    1) open up data entry menu and input data that automatically to the
    2) print them.
    That is it. Seem so simple for u ??

    Here is attached file , for my format where i should input. is it too easy for u ?

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    Um... OK. So what exactly are you asking here? Do you need help doing this? Is it web based or stand-alone in access? Are you using VB or C++ as a third party software to create your app?


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