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    access >> sql file

    how do I export access data to a sql file? basicly I want to transfer an access database to mysql
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    open the table

    short method: there should be a menu button that says "publish this with word" and "analyze this with excel"

    long method: highlight the entire datasheet (click in top left corner just like in excel), then copy/paste into excel

    save the excel sheet as a csv

    import csv into mysql with phpmyadmin, mysql-front, etc. | @rudydotca
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    You need a utility or software program to do that. This has been an obsession of mine lately, since deciding to do just such a conversion myself. Here are some tools that will do the job for you:

    Access-to-MySQL by Intelligent Converters - not free, but a very nice tool. It's the one I use. If you web host allows it, this tool will convert your database and upload it directly to the server. If not, this will create an SQL file from which you can load your database. A trial version is available, which will convert up to 5 records per table.

    CSV Importer - Free. Installs and runs on your server. It requires you to first convert your Access tables to CSV files. Upload those files to the server, then run this utility. Very easy to use.

    Zen Werx DB Converter - Free. Note that there is no direct link to the download page. To find the download, click on the Projects link, then scroll down to DB Converter and click on the DB Converter Download link. Save the file to your PC, then install. This utility is totally free and has a very easy user interface. It creates an SQL file for you.

    I've used all the above utilities, and they work great. There is another one I've heard about called MySQL-Front, which I believe only uploads directly to the server, and won't create a SQL file for you. I could be wrong about that, but I've heard a lot of nice things about this utilitiy.

    Anyway, you got yourself a whole host of tools here to choose from. Hope this helps.
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