I've been following Kevin Yank's "Building a Database-Driven Web Site Using PHP and MySQL" article, and I must say, he's done a great job on it, and I've learned quite a lot from it!

But there's still a few things that I did not understand from the article, how to organize subjects, and how to get categories.

For example, I have a link database (http://www.simgaming.net/php/link.php) that I am currently coding on. I want to separate this into categories but not quite sure how. So if I were to link to the page, for example: http://www.simgaming.net/php/link.php?game=simcity3000, it would only load SimCity 3000 related links. The same for other categories as well. How can I do this? What sort of tables in MySQL would I have to get this done? Also, how could I arrange the links, so the site name would be listed in alphabetical order? Look at the source code.

On to my next question, I also have an Idea Database (http://www.simgaming.net/php/idea.php) that I am working on. Basically, most everything is done, but I want the Ideas to be categorized according to IDs. So the most recent IDs would be listed on top, and the oldest on bottom. Also, I'd like to know how to limit the results to 10 on one page, but have links to previous/next pages. He explained this in the article, but I did not know how to limit to 10. Look at the source code.

Any other suggestions/comments you have, I'll gladly listen to.

Any help I receive will be much appreciated, thanks! = )