need some suggestions here... i bought a semi established forum site about 2 months ago - it had 8,000+ total posts and 165 or so registered users

there was a MAJOR headache switching the domain name over into my name because the previous owner had it registered w/ some off the wall UK registar... so the site itself was down for nearly 2 full months. during that time, PR slipped from 5 to a 3 and obviously there were no posts

once i got the domain name switched over, dns cached and everything setup and imported on my server, i started to work on cleaning up the forums... merging similar forums, deleting a few, creating a few new ones, so on and so on. i also got 2 friends of mine from another forum i run to help mod this one, and generate some new posts

i have also sent out one mass email letting the users of the site know the site is back online, but got almost no responce. its been nearly a week now and im considering sending out another mass email but don't want to spam people who don't want to be bothered

so... how do i go about getting at least some of the old members back onto the site and posting, while at the same time build the community up.

im not new to forums, i have a very sucessfull photography forum currently, but im just looking perhaps for some insight on how to bring life back to this somewhat dead, somewhat established site. i have already started to advertise it on other sites, and with luck google will continue to spider it so it will show up in search engines better... other then that, ive added the URL to the signature on several other forums im active on... anything else i can do?