Someone from an online discussion list I belong to was asking about average ecommerce conversion rates so I thought I would share the info I wrote to him, here with all of you at WebProWorld.


Conversion rates vary based on the market so I did some research and found this information you may find helpful. Here are some average conversion rates for different online market segments, based on this article I discovered over at Clickz.

Vertical Market - Avg. Conversion Rate
Catalog - 6.1
Specialty stores - 3.9
Fashion/apparel - 2.2
Travel - 2.1
Home and furnishing - 2.0
Sport/outdoors - 1.4
Electronics - 1.1
All verticals -2.3
(Source: Fireclick Index)

The article was written by Bryan Eisenberg, the guru of online conversion rates IMHO. Be sure to subscribe to their newsletter and read every word. Itís priceless!

They also have free conversion tools on their main site at:

I am not an employee or client, just an avid fan after having attended some of their online seminars. Hope some of you find this information helpful.