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    SQL Server Web Publishing Assistant

    Does anyone have experience of using this?

    I am setting up a DTS job to import the contents of a text file into a table.

    I want to use the Web Publishing Assistant to write this data out to an html file which I will include elsewhere.

    I thought this would reduce server load, over just including an asp file that queries the database every time the page is called (which will be a lot!)

    I am having a go at this tonight but would appreciate any advice you may have.

    Any thoughts?

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    Works fine, but is more complicated than it appears.

    I recall that you need to change a lot of how IIS works for it to be able to work, plus a lot of user rights issues which for me were just too much hassle.

    An alternative would be to chnage your DTS so that it creates a new table to store the data. Churning out this data repeatedly shouldn't be a problem, and if it is you can store the resulting recordset as a dissociated, XML recordset in an application variable instead of fetching it from the db repeatedly.

    - Richard


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