about this artical out here
i think i got a error from the following configruation
Caching this object for 10 secs
Time outside of cache=1087363243
Debug: Caching based on OBJECT=http://my.domain.com/c:\Inetpub\wwwroot\simple.php KEY=2f536f0473e37bfda514c2e844695c1d
Debug: Failed to open previous cache of /phpCache//9/11/2/phpCache.httpXXXmyXdomainXcomXcXXInetpubXwwwrootXsimpleXphp=2f536f0473e37bfda514c2e844695c1d
i using apache, and the dir was created by this cache script
12,719 folders but seems nothing was cache,
i'm using the default demo/simple.php

with lines this changes
from simple.php
from phpcache.inc.php
define(CACHE_DIR, "/phpCache/"); /* Default: /tmp/phpCache/ - Default cache directory */

and i do have a port config in domain how could this be solve, and help would be appreciate.