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    Evil, despicable, topic. How to create blog spamming software?


    While I suspect that a few feathers might be ruffled by this discussion, I've become increasingly curious about what would be involved in creating software that could be used to spam blog sites. By this, I mean software that could be used to submit a massive number of links to internet blogs and forum posts.

    The way I've heard of it being done, is in a two step process; 1) Crawling the web to generate a list of target blogs (i.e. those that accept link submission) and 2) using the list in combination with the blog spam software to submit to these sites in the list.

    I'm less interested in how the first piece of software might be created but quite intrigued how one could go about the actual submission software itself. I would assume using something like the CURL module would be required to submit the form, but beyond that what would be done?

    I guess something along the lines of parsing the page for a "textarea" field and then submitting the form with the content entered there. Or alternatively (and less sophisticatedly) searching out a form field titled "comments, suggestions, discussion, etc."). Perhaps a combination of both.

    At any rate, I know there are individuals still using this technique and moreover I've seen this topic asked about a number of time. Anyone else, out of curiosity or otherwise, interested in getting this topic out in the open?


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    Whilst I'm against software such as this (and lost a job because of so), there is a practial use of being able to automate form submissions by using cURL. I've done that myself to simulate web clients and parsing form elements to (very crudely) test a websites performance. There are loads of classes that wrap this functionality.

    All form submissions consist of are HTTP headers. Parse the HTML document for all input tags within the form, (including hidden ones), and then assemble the headers using cURL. Of course, people like me like to write anti-spam mechanisms so be aware of things such as session id's and other hashes in cookies, and of course sensitive triggers that detects the frequency of posting from a client, and similarities between such posts.

    -Richard (now feeling very dirty).


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