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    where statements with wildcards for field names

    I am trying to create a dynamic Web site with minimum pages. I am coding in cold fusion.

    I have two tables: Subjects, Products

    I am creating a dynamic navigation system that pulls all of the subjects and their unique ID's.

    <CFOUTPUT QUERY="Query1">
    <a href="/tile_murals_subject.cfm?SubjectID=#SubjectID#">#Subject#</a>

    For the product pages, I am using the table Products.

    I have three fields titled "Subject1, Subject2, Subject3" that is linked to the Subjects table.

    How can I create a wildcard in the where statement for a field name?

    I bascially want to say, show me the results of products where the value for SubjectID appears in either of the following fields: Subject1 or Subject2 or Subject3 of a product record.

    <CFQUERY datasource="art_collection" name="Query1">
    Select * From Products
    Where Subject1 or Subject2 or Subject3 ='#SubjectID#'

    I know I need to somehow transform the field name into a wildcard Subject_

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    You shouldnt have repeating columns (Subject1, Subject2, Subject3). When there is a one to many relation between products and subjects, that should be stored in a separate table.


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