Hello everybody!

I would like to ask you if you could recommend me some merchant account provider [CC processor] for online cigarettes shop?
Some of the providers declines if your business is about tobacco products.
Also, we've got two companies which we could use for setting up a merchant account, one registered in US and another in UK.
We would like to sell cigarettes all around the world, especially on the largest markets in USA and Europe. And our warehouse which is bonded warehouse is located in Eastern Europe.
Our US company doesnt have a Federal Tax ID or a person [contact person ot signatory] with a social security number.
We've got a bank account in Cyprus.

So, which merchant providers could be appropriate to us?

Right now we're waiting to be approved by PaySystems and I'm working on WorldPay
PayPal doesnt work with non US companies or a companies without Federal Tax ID.

Waiting for your opinions,

Andrey Rusev