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    command prompt install problems

    On page 5 of sitepoint's book on building a database driven websites the following it states that the user should type the following into the command prompt window:

    C:\mysql\bin>mysqld-nt --install

    My command prompt window displays the following, and won't allow me to install mysqld-nt.exe not matter what I type on the command line.

    C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>

    Am I being denied access because the command line doesn't begin with
    C:\mysql\bin>mysqld-nt --install, if so what can I do to escape the Documents and Settings\Administrator line

    I am not too savy on this command line stuff - it seems so easy and straight forward in the book - and would appreciate a workaround. Note, I have installed mysql4.0, not 3.23.

    Thanks in advance Last Radius

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    If I wrote page 5 of the SitePoint book it would've read as follows:

    Download the Windows installer version of MySQL from here:

    Unzip it to a folder of your choice and then double click on "Setup.exe"

    Follow the on-screen instructions.
    Much easier!



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