Hi all!

First off, let me thank everyone who has helped me over the last few months regarding this area, thanx to you guys I have made alot of progress with my project!

After reading Kevin's article on seesion management, I decided to include an if statement which will look to see if any of the required feilds in my submission form have been filled in, if they have not then the user asked to fill the form in again, pretty simple I know, but it seems I've made a 'simple' error with my code somewhere, I would appreciate if anybody could point out my error(s), here is the code:


/* This script will display a html form that allows new groups to be inserted into the 'Groups' table, which exists within the database 'Love_to_sing'. */

if ($user_name=="" or $password=="" or $group_name=="") or $city=="") {
error("One or more required fields were left blank.\\n".
"Please fill them in and try again.");

if ($submit == "submit") {

mysql_query("INSERT INTO groups SET
ID='$ID', user_name='$user_name', password='$password',
category='$category', group_name='$group_name', contact_name='$contact_name',
region='$region', address='$address', post_Code='post_Code', city='$city',
telephone='$telephone', fax='$fax', homepage='$homepage', email='$email', group_Information='$group_Information',

echo "Thanx for your submission!";




The error message points to line '5'.

Thanx very much!