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    Quick and Dirty directory listing

    Necessity is the mother of invention, you know. I needed to do a quick directory listing on my shared web space. Yes, I could have done and FTP in and looked at what was there, but FTP has its restrictions (can't click into a CF file and have it processed by CF server...). So, I threw together this handy little template.

    It is 100% self contained, one file is all you need. You can name it anything you like and simply upload it to your web server and use it. It also detects if there is a template in the directory above it with the same name and puts a link to that template if there is (i.e. the "Up One Level" button in Windows Exploder) and it also detects the existence of "itself" in any subdirectory and links through to it appropriately. It also allows for clicking a link to any file in the directory.

    Now, this is a simple quick and dirty utility script and NOT MEANT TO BE USED ON A PRODUCTION SERVER. It's just one of those things that may come in handy sometimes during development. Make sure you don't have this template anywhere on your live, public facing server or it could expose some sensitive data (i.e. the location of your webroot...)

    Feel free to modify this, use this however you want. I just thought it was a handy little utility, and don't we all love new widgets, especially when they're free?

    (The attachment is pending approval by a mod. It should show up shortly.)

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