phpPgAdmin 3.4 Released

4th June 2004

The phpPgAdmin Team is proud to announce a new major release of
phpPgAdmin. Version 3.4 adds many new features, bug fixes and
updated translations over the previous version.


To download right now, visit:

(RPMs available soon)


To give the fully-functional demo a try, visit:

New Features

* Add CACHE and CYCLE parameters in sequence creation
* View, add, edit and delete comments on tables, views, schemas,
aggregates, conversions, operators, functions, types,
opclasses, sequences and columns (Dan Boren & ChrisKL)
* Add config file option for turning off the display of comments
* Allow creating array columns in tables
* Allow adding array columns to tables
* Allow creating domains with type length and arrays
* Show domain base type and comment in domains list
* Allow import of CSV, Tabbed and XML data. "Auto" mode chooses
import mode based on the file extension.
* Allow upload and execution of _basic_ SQL scripts
* More admin features available: vacuum, analyze, cluster all and reindex
(with all options) (Bryan Encina)
* Fix SQL popup window to reload when the database is changed so
that the correct page encoding is used.
* Create view wizard (Bryan Encina)
* Allow specification of MATCH, DEFERRABLE and INITIALLY DEFERRED on
foreign keys.
* Automatically uncheck the NULL checkbox when data is typed in the value
field while editing data.
* Show query runtime when executing arbitrary SQL
* Allow renaming functions when backend supports it
* Views are now more like tables. They are listed in the browser,
you can view the virtual columns of the view and its column defaults.
Columns in view can also be renamed and have defaults set.
* Allow viewing, dropping and creation of rules on views.
* Support for 7.5-dev ALTER COLUMN TYPE, adding of SERIAL and BIGSERIAL
columns, adding NOT NULL columns and adding columns with defaults.

Bug Fixes

* Fix pg_dump output for PostgreSQL 7.0.x and 7.1.x
* In 7.4 pg_dump, specify schema when dumping tables
* Fix bug in displaying array types in 7.0.x
* Fix bug where views appeared as tables in 7.0.x search results
* Fix bug where find object SQL on < 7.2 was broken
* Fix Find for domain constraints
* Fix popup SQL window so that two different phpPgAdmin instances should
not want to use the same pop-up.
* Fix create table if you don't supply as many fields as you originally
* Fix schema support for views


The phpPgAdmin Team