Hi I have a problem with the understanding of how to integrate my stored procedure with an access form.

First I have created a Pass-Through query with the following code

EXEC sp_wSeeligAndelprocent '20030526 00:00:00', '20040101 00:00:00', '20040526 00:00:00', 100, 4000, 4999
I don't know if this is the right way to do this, to create a pass-through query that is. Anyway, now I want to use an MS Access form to change theese values (start_date, late_start_date, end_date, percentage, client_start, client_end... as seen in the stored procedure above), how can I pass them on to the SQL code. Since a pass-through query is written in the language of the SQL server I cannot use the MS Access code (i.e Form1.text0) to acquire the form values, or can I?? In that case how? How do I go about to solve this problem? Basicly to acquire user input to use in my stored procedure on the SQL server?