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    structure and stament for stats

    I need to build a very simple stats engine for contests that I make. Right now I store information from contests in a table. I can easily find out how many people entered the contest.

    However, what would also be neat is to track how many people viewed the contest. So, I thought I would put a php tag on the main page of the contest and it would add a number to the database.

    So far, I believe that I need to make a seperate table: Count. The INT collumns for count would be the names of the contest. Each collum would be numerical.

    So, here is where I am stuck. How would I add a number to the the collumn in question? Is there and ADD function in Mysql? Do I need to query the database with PHP, add a number, then update the new number?

    Or, am I going about this the wrong way?

    Table Count
    |contest 1|Contest 2| COntest 3 ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by webgodjj
    Do I need to query the database with PHP, add a number, then update the new number?
    no, that's not necessary

    just increment the count directly in the table

    update tablename
       set contestNcount = contestNcount + 1
    update tablename
       set contestcount = contestcount + 1
     where contestno = N | @rudydotca
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