Hi all, had a problem I'm hoping to find some help with. Had some problems updating to Apache 2 and PHP5 on Win98 after a long period of not having a server to mess with on my puter, so I thought I'd try a new setup. I've got Aprellium's Abyss web server and PHP4 both up and running. MySQL is installed but I seem to be having problems with it. In MySQLAdmin, I am getting no option to add or delete databases...I assume because I have no authority or no ODBC driver. As far as I can tell, the permission/authority issue is ruled out...I've checked and edited my.ini and know that I set the password when I installed MySQL. I get the following on the Environment tabs' MyODBC pane:

Not found.
Driver 3.51 not found.

I've got the Microsoft Data Access Components installed, but find no MySQL ODBC sources when I go to Control Panel and open my ODBC Data Sources...seems like I've got just about everything else imaginable though. Is there some ODBC driver or component that MySQL didn't install, or that I need to download from somewhere? If so, where?

I'm using MySQL 3.23.58 if that helps any. I hope someone out there can offer some advice. I'm trying to install the Xaraya CMS from
www.xaraya.com to try out, but can't get past the installation because I can't create a database with MySQL. I am pretty sure my PHP install is correctly configured, though I used the Windows installer version 4.3.6 and I haven't really tweaked anything much beyond the basic install.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.