Hi there

I've been given loads of Excel spreadsheets which contain specification data for bikes. In some cases I've been able to transfer the data from Excel into MySQL without any trouble by copying and pasting SQL INSERT code into the spreadsheets and then copying and running everything in MySQL. For example, here is a spreadsheet which contains all the data for 1 bike, this is simply copied into MySQL and executed:

So that was pretty easy and quick, but the rest of the specs that I need to add are laid out completely different in the spreadsheet.... Instead of having a single bike on one sheet with all the specs laid out vertically, the specs for every bike are laid out horizontally on one page so I can no longer just paste in the SQL INSERT code for each bike Heres a screeny of what I mean:

Soooo, is there a way of switching all the data round to display vertically? Or are there any other ways I can do this quickly?

Really hope someone can help me here. Many thanks