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    CSS FAQ, Tips etc. Please read before posting!

    The previous "Sticky threads" are being amalgamated into this Ultimate Sticky thread. You will find links below to all previous "Sticky Threads" below: (This is a work in progress)

    Sticky Threads:
    CSS Test Your Skills - Archived Quizzes
    CSS for Mobile sites
    CSS display:table - Pros and Cons for layouts

    -- Frequently Asked Questions From Sitepoint Forum Members --

    1. FAQ :How can I have sets of different coloured links?
    2. FAQ :What is a CSS reset?
    3. FAQ :How can I have 3 equal Columns
    4. FAQ :How do you put a footer at the bottom of the window? (Sticky Footer)
    5. FAQ :How to centre an existing page horizontally?
    6. FAQ :Why doesn't vertical-align work properly?
    7. FAQ :What size text should I use in my css?
    8. FAQ :How do I get rid of the default margins around the page?
    9. FAQ :How is 100 percent height achieved?
    10. FAQ :How to centre horizontally and vertically?
    11. FAQ :Where do I put my styles:
    12. FAQ :Quick Tips (links and positioning explained)
    13. FAQ :Everything you wanted to know about floats but were afraid to ask
      1. The margin on a float is bigger in IE than in other browsers.
      2. The famous Three pixel jog
      3. 50% float + 50% float = 101% !
      4. What is float drop
      5. What is clear used for
      6. Clearing all floats!

    14. FAQ :1px dotted borders in IE
    15. FAQ :How can I avoid the ugly Flash Of Unstyled Content (FOUC)?
    16. FAQ :What is "haslayout"
    17. FAQ :How can min-width be achieved in IE ?
    18. FAQ :Can I have my content first in the html in a 3 column layout:
    19. FAQ :Why does my page content sometimes overlap other elements on first visit?
    20. FAQ :How do I get min-height for all modern browsers?
    21. FAQ :10 best practices when Using CSS.
    22. FAQ:The 1px background image jog in IE
    23. FAQ:How to place text at the bottom of a column/element
    24. FAQ :Why doesn't this work in ie5 / broken box model?
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