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    FAQ - Read before you post!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Dude! Where's my avatar?

      To select an avatar go to My SitePoint > Avatar - from here you can select an avatar of your choice.

      You will get the option for custom avatars once you reach 25 posts. If you have reached your 25 posts mark and still cannot upload your own avatar, this maybe because your privileges have not been updated by vBulletin. Wait 24 hours and try again, if you are still experiencing this problem get in touch with the forum administrator(s) (HAWK).

    • Signatures...?

      To edit your signature go to My SitePoint > Signature. Images and HTML are not permitted - the rest of the regulations for signatures can be found here in the official Signature Guidelines.
      Note that new users may not use signatures at all. Once you've been around for 90 days, you can have a signature.

    • I can't post in X forum...

      If you cannot post in certain forums, this means you do not yet have the post count that allows you to (this is usually 25). However if you do have 25 or more posts, like stated above above, it may take a while for your permissions to be updated.
      For the review forums there is a ratio of 3:1. You can ask for a review only after you've made at least 3 substantial (i.e. more than just "nice", "I like it", "good job", etc) reviews of content others submitted.

    • I posted in the wrong forum. Can I move my thread to another forum?

      No, you cannot move threads yourself. If you found you posted in the wrong forum use the orange flag next to your post to report it to a moderator in order to ask them to move the thread for you. Please specify to which forum the thread should be moved.

    • The issue is resolved. Can I close my thread?

      No, at SitePoint only moderators have the ability to close threads. Resolved threads remain open in case you have follow up questions at a later stage -- if that later stage is more than a month later please consider starting a new thread and refer to the old thread instead of adding to the old thread.

    • My post count is not working!

      If you are posting but you are finding that your post count is not increasing, this could be that you are posting in the General Chat forum. Posts in this forum do not contribute towards your post count.

    • Attachments don't show?

      Once you have posted with an attachment, it first needs to be approved by a moderator (this is to filter through unwanted content). Although your attachment won't appear instantly, we aim to approve it as soon as possible. If your attachment has not been approved for a few hours, feel free to report your post using the orange flag () to bring it to a moderator's attention.

    • I chose this username when I signed up but I don't like it no more. How do I change it?

      You can't change your username yourself. However, you can PM our forum administrator(s) (HAWK) to ask for a username change. This is only allowed once for the whole lifetime of your account, so choose carefully!
    • When viewing a thread, page scrolls to the bottom...(why?)

      This is a bug in vBulletin, to resolve it go to My SitePoint > Options and scroll down to Other Options and select standard toolbar rather than the enhanced WYSIWYG toolbar.

    • Link doesn't open in new window...(why?)

      This is due to Accessibility - If you wish your links to open in a new window, there are three ways...
      1. Tabbed browsing, surely you are using tabbed browsing by now? Just ctrl+click (command+click on Macs) the link, and it will appear in a new window.
      2. You can now turn on and turn off external links thanks to mmj.
      3. No tabbed browsing, and the above link doesn't work? You can always right click links and select open in new window.

    • What are these 'Ranks'? SitePoint Zealot etc...

      Ranks are a way of categorizing members via their post count. Here are the ranks as they stand at the moment...
      Rank Title            Posts    Pips
      SitePoint Member      0        None 
      SitePoint Enthusiast  25       1 Blue Pip 
      SitePoint Zealot      100      2 Blue Pips
      SitePoint Addict      200      3 Blue Pips 
      SitePoint Evangelist  400      4 Blue Pips
      SitePoint Guru        600      5 Orange Pips
      SitePoint Wizard      1000     6 Orange Pips
      SitePoint Wizard      10000    7 Orange Pips
      Cumulative Bonuses
      25 posts - Custom Avatar
      200 posts - Custom Title
    • What is this Mentor, Advisor thing?

      The Team Leaders and Advisors are the moderators. They're the ones who have the ability to move/remove threads, ban members etc.

      Mentors are the eyes and ears of the community. They don't have any moderator privileges, but they are essential to the smooth running of the forums - the mods rely on them to bring certain situations to their attention - Mentors are chosen from the community members by existing staff, they are selected based on the qualities they show on the forums. It is not possible to apply for a Mentor position - it's an invite-only thing.

      In addition to this, all of us work together behind the scenes to find ways to improve the community and make it an all round better place for our members. We work in teams relating to each area of the community, hence the Team Leaders.

      The teams... Content, Design, Programming, Hosting, Grow and Manage and Community - A list of the forum leaders can be found here.
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