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    Mouseover, iFRAMES & Variables

    Hi everyone,

    My name is Brian. I'm working on a website project in support of my honours thesis for my fourth year. Essentially what I am trying to do is this: when a user rolls their mouse over certain terms in the main area of the page, definitions of those terms will appear in an iFRAME in the left menu bar.

    So far my Javascript looks like this:
    var default = "Hover over <b>Bolded Text</b> with your cursor to show term definitions in this space.";
    var sleep-onset = "<b>Sleep-onset</b> is the time from lights out to the point of falling asleep. (Convention for "alseep" is Stage 1 sleep)";
    So far my iFRAME part looks like this:
    <IFRAME name="def" frameborder=0 scrolling=no width=220px height=50px src="def.html"></IFRAME>
    And my iFRAME html doc looks like this so far:
    <head><LINK REL=StyleSheet HREF="css_nap.css" TYPE="text/css"></head>
    <script language="Javascript">
    var info1 = "Hover over";
    var info2 = " <b>Bolded Text</b>";
    var info3 = " with your cursor to show term definitions in this space.";
    document.write(info1 + info2.fontcolor("darkcyan") + info3);
    So the whole reason for this idea is so that I can help people that don't have a lot of background in my area to understand what is going on. If this idea of mine works, then I think the page will be a much easier read by keeping definitions to the side.

    I would really appreciate any help you could give me on this project.
    Thanks for you time everyone,


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    Brian...not trying to dissuade you - but a tooltip ('flyover', 'bubble help') is probably a more intuitive way to do this; check out dyn-web for numerous variations.
    ::: certified wild guess :::


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