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    Smilies being parsed in URLs

    I'm trying to modify a smilie parser to deal with smilie replacement text appearing in a URL and hence breaking the URL. I've got the following

    PHP Code:
    foreach ($this->smilieSearchArray as $key=>$value)
    $parsedText preg_replace('#(?<!&amp|&quot|&lt|&gt|&copy)' preg_quote($value'#') . '#s'$this->smilieReplaceArray[$key], $text);

    This works fine if I remove $value in the preg_replace function and replace it with some hard coded text, the smilie is subsequently shown. However, using $value then the smilie text is not replaced. Both the search and replace arrays are correct as I can echo them and see that they are set up correctly

    It's probably something obvious that I'm missing but I just can't see it
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