Just finished revamping our site and would appreciate if some readers could take a second and open a gallery on the site click to enlarge a painting and confirm the popups work as they should. I have NS4.7 and IE5 resolution set to 800x600 and they seem to work as they should with that setup. Am interested in confirming following works with other browsers ie: NS6, Opera and/or higher screen resolution.

1) Popup is coded to be basically centred in screen to the right side so Menu remains visible. Pictures in popup should be totally visible.

2) I have used the following code in the head section of each popup page onBlur="window.close()" and this should allow the viewer to click anywhere on the original bowser window or the popup to close the image. I have placed a "close window" notation in each window but this is cosmetic only. My wife insists because she wondered where to close the window others would as well.

If I wanted to actually place a button which would work could someone tell me what code to use in the link and would this still allow the onBlur="window.close()" to work which I think is the best method.

url to view http://artbyjudy.com