I was wondering if anyone could advise on the in's and out' of how the CJ tracking works. There are a few qu's but if you follow them through you will see where I'm leading!

QU1/.Firstly I notice that when you enter the merchants links page and click on the links under the banners - the "destination" URL (not URL encoded)is different from that of "get html" URL (URL encoded).
Can you use the unencoded version and the tracking still work?

QU2/. All Images are pulled from the CJ server and the "text links" are also given an invisible image to insert (obviously for stats purposes). Can you use the links without image referances and still get the sales tracked? I would rather have the images on my own server for faster delivery - I'm not that bothered about stats as I have decent tracking anyway.

QU3/. Is it possible to deep link into sites and still get your sales tracked - ie. could you show specific products and link to them and still get sales?

I noticed that the "destination links" all follow a similar format:

The first part looks to go to a tracking script on the store site and the second piece to the desired page.

Could you change the desired page to anything you want on the partner site and it still track sales?

Well hopefully you have gathered the reasons for the questions - If you can link to specific products, rather than just the front page you could target offers etc much more, along with relevant graphics etc. This will of course enable you to significantly increase your referral commisions if done well.

Hope someone can help.

Cheers & happy money making!