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    I've been having trouble trying to find a decent and more importantly cheap way to accept credit cards in the UK.
    If you dont mind the hassle, these are the cheapest i've found: - I thought they were good until I went to use them and they ended up hassling my client into Faxing their life story to them for verification!! - I use them at the moment. I have a merchant account although somehow they manage to undercut worldpay ! If someone can explain this i'd be gratefull as I don't know why! - Very good although needs an experienced knowledge in HTML to bypass all the WorldPay branding on the sign up forms.

    Just a bit of info.

    Robert Kerry
    2ninety Hosting -
    Low Low Prices
    Friendly Support

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    Hi Robert,

    Thanks for mentioning those resources, I've bookmarked them for future reference to refer people to.

    I've known WorldPay had a really nice service for a low cost. And I think you get a real merchant account with them, do you not? Which I find to be better than going through a middle-man, but everyone has their own opinions.

    Anyway, thanks again Robert for the information!

    Warmest Regards,

    Jim Conley II
    CEO/Founder - MerchantSeek
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