You値l have to forgive me, I知 awfully green to this whole SQL thing. I have plenty of traditional programming experience, C, C++, Java and the like, but I知 winging it with SQL. Basically trying to piece it together looking at samples and such. I bought a book, but left it at home today.


I have this query:

select Address1, count(*) where
from Contact1
group by Address1
having count(*) > 1

Which works great returning duplicate addresses. However, sometimes people input addresses different, you know, typing out Drive or abbreviating it. I want to write a looser version of this query that checks, say, the first ten characters and if they agree it counts it as a duplicate. Or, and I don稚 know if this is possible, if I could insert code to parse the Address string and work from there.

Also, real quick, can I check information from two separate databases at once? Like select value from Data1 and data2?

Again, I apologize for the low level of the questions. I appreciate you time and any help, even a point in the right direction is appreciated.