on this site http://home1.stofanet.dk/samtaletera...20sam/dex.html
i have two problems

1) the onmouseout event on the #navbar tag doesnt work perfectly: if i only had one chunk of navigation links, it would, but the space between them activates the onmouseout event - which i dont want it to

i want the onmouseout event to be activated when i mouse of the css box #navbar: not when i mouse off any of the content in #navbar
that means that the onmouseout event shouldnt be activated when i mouse over the padding in the #navbar or when i mouse over the <br /> bit between the chunks of links

can this be done?
is that another trigger event that i need?

2) in ie the top border of the top chunk of links is hidden
this im sure corresponds to the #navbar a having a margin-top of -1px, but that doesnt hide the top border in firefox or opera

is there any way i can tell ie not to hide it?

thanks a bunch