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    Table / Div layout breaks in Netscape 7.1

    Please have a look at this site - The pages are made from a template in Dreamweaver MX 2004 on Mac OS 10.3 and are laid out like this -

    [ center aligned container DIV of 800 px]:
    [ center aligned TABLE of 800 px with 3 rows]:

    [ top boxed DIV for banner ]
    [-four-]..|... DIV
    [boxed]..|... for
    [-DIVS]..|... main
    [-------]..|... content
    [ bottom boxed DIV for footer ]

    The pages render well in Safari / OS X and in IE 5+ / OS X, OS 9, Win, but the main content DIV runs off to the right in Netscape 7 or 7.1 / OS X, OS 9. See screenshots below or at

    This does not happen all the time and reloading the page leads to proper positioning. This also happens in other Mozilla-based browsers in OS X, and much less frequently but again erratically in Netscape 7 or 7.1 / Win 2000. Any clues? CSS style sheet -
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