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    New WACT powered CMS: LIMB!!!


    We have at last published our demo version of LIMB - new WACT powered CMS.
    You can find it here:

    We've been developing LIMB for 1.5 years already and only now we have a strong feeling about its almost functional completeness and stability.

    We're currently working on establishing LIMB support site and basic collaborative tools on sourceforge. We're going open source!
    You can download it from
    (Use it on your own risk!!! Tests are not included yet)

    Please feel free to browse demo site and leave your comments and critique(if any) here or via mail: limb at 0x00 dot ru

    Below is the VERY brief description of LIMB.

    * LIMB follows MVC pattern, in fact, we have our own Model and Controller components, however,View is WACT based. From WACT we have only templating subsystem.
    WACT templating subsystem is very inspiring and excellent piece of code...unfortunately, we had to
    almost totally rewrite it for our specific needs.
    We have our own tags, only about 20% originally from WACT.
    Our next major release has plans to use WACT as an external package and we DO plan to collaborate with WACT developers, if they agree.

    * LIMB metaphor is very simple just like this: "Every piece of information is an object".
    Sounds not too amazing these OOP days? Well... ALL LIMB domain objects(site objects in LIMB terms) are stored in the single tree(EZ has something alike). Client request is mapped to the objects tree and required object if found is fetched.

    * LIMB object metaphor allowed us to erase the line between front-end and back-end, you're able(provided you have neccessary security level) to handle resource content directly in the place, may sound unusual but it's woth of seeing We call it JIP - Just In Place editing.

    * LIMB has flexible access control. Every site object is active, it has a set of actions registered in the access system.
    User is allowed to fetch objects according to his security level.

    * LIMB is end user friendly! We do believe that end user interface experience is very important.
    We heavily depend on the client scripting, this seems to be quite stable with DOM. However IE is a currently preferred browser.

    * LIMB core is about 90% tested with Simpletest, we extensively apply XP(TDD assumed) where it's possible.
    However we DO lack of experience in the field of testing Hey...but at least we try.

    Ok, enough of singing praises... LIMB is still very BETA and immature(did i mention 'functional completeness'? ) speaking in terms of public usage.
    We do admit this! We don't want to be isolated anymore, being isolated for a small company is a dead end
    We want to contribute to PHP community and seek for professional developers help.

    P.S. LIMB CMF support site is on-line at
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