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    Database Schema Question

    I work for a screen printing company and I've been debating on the best database schema to fit my needs on their new website.

    The problem is that my company has several different prices for each product based off quantity, and the number of colors. The pricing for each product looks like this.

    Product - A
    QTY               500    1,000    2,500    5,000     10,000       
    1 Color            .65     .41       .38       .32         .26
    2 Color            .90     .54       .46       .40         .32     
    Add Color         .25     .13       .11       .08         .04
    Some products have a different quantity scale also, such as Product A starts at 500 where Product B will start at 25.

    I thought about putting all the price information in one table linked to a product table, then build a 3 dimensional array from the query result, but that does not seem like a very good solution to me. I'm sure there is a much better(scalable) way to do this using joins.

    Anyone got any idea's?

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    Why not have a seperate table that lists all possible Qty discount ratios and all starting prices? If you did that you could link the product table with the price and quantity discount tables. Is that reasonable?


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