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    Post CSS based Web design for a Portal

    Hello All ,

    I have just registerd for this forum. Hope you guys can help me out. here's what-

    Our Company site, currently is HTML based (CSS used mainly for font styling). I am working towards re-building the entire site using pure CSS and may be HTML only to display content that needs to be shown in tabular fashion. (i.e. figure charts, etc...)

    I am quite a novice at CSS Web design styling. Have got a couple of books as reference material, one being from Site point itself.

    I'd really appriciate if you guys can tell me if converting my site to CSS based would really help in its overall performance and how do I plan out the entire project in phases.

    Is there any template structure that can be followed or I go bout designing page by page.

    I amybe asking for a bit too much first up, but I'd really appriciate if you guys can help me get started on this one. Here in India, I doubt if there are any portal sites using CSS based web-design, nor is it that well known.

    Thank you,
    Raj (Viper)

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    Your portal looks quite easy to convert to CSS when you know what you're doing. Once you finish Dan Shafer's book, you should have no problem redesigning it without tables.

    By removing the tables, your site will benefit from having less markup code, much easier changes sitewide, and it will be futureproof.

    Good Luck


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