Ok, I have decided to tackle a database for my web redesign. After CSS and PHP I think I can handle it, but I have a simple question for starters.

I plan on creating a database with a table for each section of the website. One table for products, one for "About Us", "Links"...etc...

I plan on using php to query the DB and build my page so I am planning to go with the following fields in my tables (with data types and sizes):

Index - Char(5)
Title - Char(90)
Description - Char (200)
Keywords - Char (200)
URL - Char (200)
html - mediumblob

Now for the question. Should I use the varchar data type for everything, since each field could vary in length except for index. Also is there a difference between mediumblob and medium text. I was going to go with blob, but one page is 65K characters (terms and conditions page).

I was reading varchar can slow down things and if i go with mediumblob to accomodate one page will that slow things down? All in all there will be about 5 tables that will be used to generate 50 or so pages.

Will this work ok, or am i missing something?