I'm not ready to publish my MySQL tables online yet, but I hope to get there tomorrow or the next day. So I'd like to find an answer to a question that's been bugging me.

I checked out my C-Panel and found the icon for creating a MySQL database. I created one, giving it a username and password. The username was hyphenated or linked by an underscore. I think it's a combination of my webhosting username and my another word that denotes my webhost.

So, am I correct in assuming that I have to use the same username on my localhost sites? After all, if my webpage is connected to a MySQL database/recordset with the username rex, but I publish it to an online site where the MySQL database's username is rex_coolhost, then it obviously isn't going to work.

That raises another question. Suppose I have a dozen websites, hosted by three different webhosts, and many will share the same databases. I assume my online MySQL databases will have to have three different usernames. Does that mean I have to make copies of my databases and given them three different usernames to use on my local websites?

So if I revise my tables in a database named World, I have to make the same revisions in World2 and World3?